Grateful Mornings

Spring Point Marina, Spring Point Drive, South Portland, ME, USA
  • GRATEFUL MORNINGS on a boat and breathe, with Captain Pam.

    It is a gift to live on the Maine coast and have access to the freedom and healing powers of the ocean. I began Grateful Mornings to share the splendor I've experienced with like-minded souls who might not have the same access I do. As we slowly venture out along the coastline and among the islands, the invitation is to leave the chatter behind. Perhaps silence your cell phone and tuck it into a pocket, leaving the pressures of time on shore. We won't be in a rush to get anywhere, instead, we'll simply be. I don't venture out to give a history of the forts or to share island lore, and it's not my intention to interpret the boats or the beings whose paths we cross. Instead, the invitation is to leave the chatter at the dock and venture out together, letting Mother Ocean guide the way. I always, always, always come back from time on the water more relaxed, refreshed and grateful. If this resonates for you, I invite you to contact me to arrange time for us to share a peaceful putter.

  • Hours of Operation

    May through October. Mornings.


1. What type of experience are you planning?

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