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  • Maine Lobstering Tours

    Come join us for an unforgettable excursion on the waters of Casco Bay while we guide you through the daily routines of a Maine Lobsterman. Participate in the excitement of hauling up the traps or sit back and relax as we cruise near picturesque lighthouses, historic civil war forts, and the “Seal Rocks”.

    You’ll see how lobsters go from the bottom of the ocean to your dinner plate and learn about their habits, conservation efforts and the difference between hard shells, shedders, shorts, culls, and keepers. Any lobsters we catch can be purchased after the cruise for wholesale “boat” price, and if you don’t have a pot at home, take them across the pier to the Portland Lobster Company restaurant for the freshest lobster dinner anywhere.

    A diverse variety of marine life will enter a lobster trap, and some common visitors include rock crabs, snails, starfish, and hermit crabs. Our see-thru “live tank” offers a chance to watch these little creatures until the end of the day when all are thrown back into the sea.

  • Hours of Operation

    First weekend of May through the last weekend in October.

    Special Promotions & Events

    Portland Headlight Lobstering Cruise * Seal Watch Lobstering Cruise * White Head Passage Lobstering Cruise


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